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Kinh gửi Quý đại lý,

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Important notes:


- Fuel surcharge will be reviewed and adjusted monthly based on market conditions and fuel price fluctuation.


- Fuel surcharge applies to all passengers, including children and infants, regardless of class of travel and fare type.


- Apply on tickets issue or reissue (for wholly unused ticket reissue) - The surcharge is to be collected under the ticket code “YR” in the tax box of the ticket.


- Fuel surcharge will be calculated in US dollars, with the exception of ticket purchased in Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Canada and New Zealand, where fuel surcharge will be collected in the local currency.


- Fuel surcharge also applies to codeshare flights.


- Fuel surcharge does not apply to codeshare ferry services to/from Hong Kong SAR.


- Fuel surcharge does not apply to journey originating and tickets purchased from Australia, Philippines and New Zealand.


- Ticket are valid for worldwide sales.


- The surcharge is not commissionable. For any discrepancy between this standard and GDS, details in GDS prevail.