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Aeroflot: YR from 26JULY2021



We would like to inform you that for sale and carriage starting from 26.07.2021 PJSC “Aeroflot” will change the amount of YR surcharge (Distribution Adjustment Surcharge).


From 26.07.2021, the amount of the YR surcharge on regular flights under the SU code will be 8.50 EUR per ticketed segment on all flights for all fares and reservation systems except for:

- tickets issued with corporate fare (CKXXXX) ticket designator;

- tickets issued using direct SU NDC connection;

- tickets issued by authorized ticketing agents acting as ATO.

       - For those tickets the surcharge will be 3.90 EUR on international flights / 270 RUB on domestic flights


The surcharge does not apply to:

- children under 2 years without seat;

- domestic fares with the *PXOW**, *PXRT** codes and subsidized fares (P-SOC code);

- Business Pass fares with the *PASS* code;

- domestic fares with the ***RI code;

- group bookings confirmed before 01.07.2021 (YR to be removed from fare calculation manually);

- domestic fares under an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with *MFRF* code on the directions where the fares *PXOW**, PXRT** are applied.


When booking tickets for group bookings confirmed before 26.07.2021, YR taxes are charged depending on the date of booking confirmation (through manual calculation with conversion into the payment currency at the exchange rate on the date of ticket issuance):

- for bookings confirmed on/before 30.06.2021, in the amount as of 30.06.2021

- for bookings confirmed on/after 30.06.2021 and on/before 25.07.2021, in the amount as of 25.07.2021.


Exceptions for other routes/passenger categories/fares may also be introduced later.

Other YR fees (point of sale outside China/Russia and point of origin in China (100 USD); one-way itineraries originating in Europe (excluding RU) to China (20 EUR); point of sale outside Russia and point of origin within Russia (10 USD) remain unchanged.



Best regards,

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